Month: July 2017

Webmaster friends, you do poineering work on the network

personal network business benefits here needless to say, those who read this article knows the network business is going on, it can create a rich network, so many people involved in Internet entrepreneurship, but the network is not imagined, not suitable for everyone, what kind of people will fit and may succeed? Can look at this behavior, you know. Please read after the time of evaluation on "personal network business" to the point of view, if not, please do not get excited, I just talk about some of my own experience and observation. real personal network entrepreneurs believe their success, very optimistic about their own entrepreneurial projects, there is a market that needs, combined with the actual situation of the development of a long-term vision to see this project is very promising. not because after watching some entrepreneurial success stories to a head, a passion in my heart, and I said to myself to do a website, the heart was always thinking will earn much money, but what specific projects do not know. If you are now thinking this way, just you want to do a web site, it is not a real network of entrepreneurship, even if you do not earn money, do not believe you go to try. real personal network entrepreneurs to do the project is the practical nature of the service website, the website as a career to do, said the simple point is a practical project, there is a fixed and regular use of fixed target group. They are likely to be a fixed group of people in the community, or a local people, is not like a flood of QQ pictures, beautiful pictures, novels and movies that now seems more flamboyant, if you visit groups are all Internet users, if your income depends on the advertising alliance, which means that your project does not have the goal, also is not the network business project. real personal network entrepreneurs will also want to become Ma, want to return to, want to later is a tiny smile, more is for one’s own little dream to pay actual action. is not repeated in Baidu search keywords, "network business success case", all day to see Ma Yun, Yu Minhong speech video, if so, then you always live in dreams. real personal network entrepreneurs entrepreneurial power is to get rid of the status quo, for the family, for themselves, want to seize the opportunity of the Internet, in the future stage for themselves to create a world. is not how much money has been made to make a website, as much as to make a website and to start a business. real personal network entrepreneurs in their own projects, the development of their own projects is expected to have one, and to achieve the expected to do practical things, if the expected state is not reached, then will analyze the reasons, and to develop a new.

Modern Amoy owners should have quality

became a guest only a short while ago, the webmaster Wangzhuan preferred mode, the Amoy sellers, promoter, alliance "win win win" mode it is one of the most successful Wangzhuan mode, shortly before the owners of the House published an article, the Super Moderator Jiang Junjun guest station monthly income of more than 50 thousand, so many Tao guest to see hope. indeed, before the money is not so easy, in the post-modern era emerged as a guest, several new features: 1, a large portal to enter the Taobao customer, eaten small station can be seen in Taobao off the billboard, all ranked almost before all is a large portal station, small living space is further squeezed; 2, buy, rebate sites such as mushrooms, Group buy, the advantage of rebates is to create a less money to get affordable atmosphere, in this environment, if you are business, it is also more willing to buy and rebate sites advertising, 3, Amoy site homogeneity is now the Taobao customer training are taught SEO like a raging fire, rather than the appearance of the website skills Amoy template. In these training teams, as long as the SEO to do, even if the rotten site templates still get the deal. It caused many guest website users click on a few continuous facade as like as two peas, open the website is almost uniform like interface. User experience is very bad. 4, Taobao open spider crawling recently some researchers found a phenomenon: Baidu included Taobao pages increased because of Taobao’s weight, in search of a commodity in the front row are Taobao sellers shop, Taobao off site due to various reasons, many of them in the shop under the Taobao ranking. This virtually impacted Taobao customers. is there such characteristics that no future Tao do not?. As long as the efforts of the following quality cultivation of Amoy webmaster, Tao is still able to do long term. long-term vision, estimate the situation, e-commerce will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth in the next few years, the situation that we all agree, but Taobao is the domestic electronic commerce big boss, guest room for survival and development is great, the Tao guest without worry, do real work station; Yangaoshoudi, focusing on user experience Tao is not meant to do one day at a time, and should develop the habit of high, high mean look to run high, low mean the details can not be ignored, should be careful. Ask yourself is just to make money and still want to Amoy Amoy as a test, the incubation of your future career? Taobao goods billions, you.

From Baidu’s latest K station

recently, Baidu K a lot of stations, 30 on the day I K 2000 to come, originally thought to be full area of K, it did not attract attention. I have seen many Admin5 friends who have been plucked by Baidu. Miserable, ! but yesterday, the bad news also reached my station, early in the morning, site,, and 2.4W more! Until noon, there will be 4K. Which is gloomy in the mind?. When I was at K 30, I was already dealing with the friendship connection. I think this should not be a problem, but still try to pack the attitude, once again to check the friendship connection, the collected removed is underlined (sorry some friends), has also removed some of the. connection before selling expired has been up until now this morning, and has been restored to K yesterday, and updated the date data I feel the importance of the link from this, Baidu each week 4 update ", we should pay attention to check the updated changes of all their friendship included the number of connections, so as not to cause adverse reactions to our station. Master SEO display slight skill before an expert in front of you, really repentant above is only the end of the free film network ( webmaster some personal experience, hope and you master learning, I QQ:36285199

How to operate to optimize the efficiency of the SEO team

Now network on the SEO team, there are a lot of collocation is introduced as well as the plan, but in the project implementation process, how to make a project of instability, how to improve the efficiency of optimization team has become a problem in many Internet companies. Jiangyin network company who, faced with a large number of optimization of single, especially in both single and new problems when the whole team how to grasp the progress of the operation, the SEO team can help the company to achieve greater value. why did you write this article, ? each local network company is less a few, more than 100, some companies set up a long time, the industry’s reputation is also good, but also some new companies, facing a lot of challenges, if improper operation, is likely to lose reputation. So after you read the article from Jiangyin Internet company, you can get the following help: 1.SEO team structure is more conducive to the growth of SEO staff 2. business process processing is more clear, 3. team cost budget is reduced by 4. customer satisfaction improved by 5. increased controllability by well, the following began to talk about the specific implementation plan: many SEO companies will take the team into the chain group, the editorial team, resulting in a lot of time these people consider the lack of global knowledge, and from a development perspective, is not conducive to the development of SEO personnel, fixed mode of thinking will lead they think SEO is the hair of the chain, SEO is the. Therefore, the Jiangyin network company believes that the correct grouping should be divided into: new single group, problem list processing group. The new single group can be a newcomer to the new line, and the problem processing team needs a master with extensive experience in SEO’s overall operation. If there is a single first optimization to SEO team, then enter the optimization of new single group, the new group of single site treatment period is 2 months, in 2 months to 30 days as the dividing line, the optimization effect of the site for statistical analysis. Usually in the first month, the website should have the following effects: A: the effect of optimization is obvious. Effect is obvious, according to experience, can be interpreted as non index word, ranking should rise to the first three pages; index 100 words should rise to the first 10 pages, if the high index words need to be ranked within 1000. B: optimization effects slow down. Promotion is slow, especially after the first month of the problem is found, second months still ranking can not get a big promotion, then transferred to the problem sheet processing group. Problem list processing group should be from the overall side to determine the optimization of the site problems, specific can be judged on the following aspects: The 1. problem list is optimized for > within the site

Community operations how to avoid water paste in the review area

this is an article about how to avoid comments on "water paste" in the review area. It is very helpful for community operators. The author in the SXSW to participate in the discussion after the written summary, pointed out the community "Troll" causes and their hazards, solutions not recommended (closing comments, real name system), excellent cases of industry, as well as their point of view. The full text is about 2000 words, and the reading time is 5 minutes. It is recommended to read the extended links.   The newspaper is testing a new method to get readers to respond to questions about the content of the article before they can comment on the issue, in order to curb the malicious taunts in the comments section of Norway. A method of more than just an industry in the Internet and "fishing posts" or "provocative" struggle, these "fishing posts" and "provocative" often pollution in the comments area lead to dialogue, the comments area becomes unavailable. so what do media companies do, ? network hate may be caused by poor design of , Norway TV said: do you want to comment? First answer a question, · Pringle Ramona; (Ramona Pringle) is the southwestern Texas south of Austen (SXSW) a member of a discussion group on the theme of the festival. She is director of the Transmedia division at Ryerson University, or a columnist for What is the premise for to discuss this topic in SXSW? , the discussion group, is known as playing more smoothly: redesigning online reviews. The premise of is that perhaps there is a design solution that can be used to try to create a healthier culture for the review area. this does not mean that everyone should agree, or that the comment should be mediocre and homogeneous. But studies show that reviews can really "pollute" the reading experience of the article and, once the review becomes negative, those who are willing to engage in meaningful discussions turn away. I think it’s easy for people to see the worst aspects of human nature and the inevitability or irreversibility of those fishing posts and vent messages that we often see on the internet. but online, we have rules of life to live with. we have a certain social infrastructure – laws, and laws. There are also well designed systems to help people do the right thing. think of traffic, intersections, traffic lights — these are the infrastructure systems designed to help us. didn’t have such a system, we will expose the evil of human nature ", and the Internet to see the same. >

4 principles for well-designed web pages

one of my favorite design books is the Robin Williams Design Workshop. It goes into the actual design theory and includes many excellent design examples. One of the areas of concern is the 4 major design principles that have been used in the design. These 4 principles are: contrast, repetition, arrangement, and classification. this article will discuss these 4 principles related to web design. As long as you keep these 4 principles in mind, you’ll be able to design a cleaner and more beautiful web page. 1. contrast effect good contrast effects design gives users an excellent first impression. If the user’s eyes have no focus, attention will be lost in the same size elements and typography interfaces everywhere. Designers need to design visually salient elements to guide the user’s experience. You can make good contrast by selecting pictures, colors, and fonts. picture contrast this method works very well when you need to display a large size illustration behind a lot of small elements. Well, I mean, for example: The Invoice Machine this page uses a large picture to attract the attention of the user. At the same time, the very natural monochrome of the page gives better results for very few blue applications. Instabox when you look at this page, what will you notice first? The most likely thing is the star above the box. Like The Invoice Machine, they create visual focus by using a large picture and very few colors. color contrast uses just the right amount of color, which is another effective way to create visual contrast on a web page. You can use different colors in the head and text copies of the page, or in the color of a picture or illustration. Fatburgr this site is an excellent example of all design principles. For color contrast we look at the large yellow header and small grayish text. The principles of arrangement, picture contrast, repetition, and classification are thoroughly worked out. I Love Typography A used to display the layout if the site in its own header will show us an excellent typesetting effect, that make people feel more surprise! I love their font, also love their good blue and dark gray collocation. font contrast , if you want to go through

Depth analysis how can the forum website be operated successfully

with the discuz forum and phpwind forum program continues to improve and upgrade, many novice webmaster chose to use existing open source BBS program, start your webmaster career. The portal websites and forums websites are springing up all over the place, but how to face such a fierce competition in front of the webmaster makes their forum become a local authoritative website. and I, as the founder of Beijing travel network, naturally become one of them, facing the competition and pressure is not small. Today, the Forum on the operation of the problem, do a deep analysis, give you webmaster also mention a wake up. first, first of all, the establishment of the forum, this is the site of the most simple and the most junior stage, the overall success of the site does not account for%5. first reminder here, a lot of people basically do not understand network knowledge, even completely real knowledge of website operators, see other people doing the forum was very successful, and I feel there are ready-made forum program (discuz forum and phpwind Forum) is devoted to the forum, regardless of how successful, sometimes and really wonder where they are so confident. Many people lose confidence in themselves. The website is successful or not, has a direct relationship with your own mastery of the knowledge network, the program website optimization you understand? Don’t you understand? Network marketing you understand? If you do not move, then you don’t get involved in this industry. Some people say that under the study will understand; but this is not a month, two months will be able to understand the whole, then you learn to understand, and then build the forum program, start your webmaster career bar. on the forum set up also is not to say, just warning in advance, with the improvement of the discuz forum and phpwind forum program are already quite, everyone go to the official forum download, install and use on the line. below, talk about BBS promotion and optimization, this as the site operation of the backbone, can be said to occupy the entire site success or not more than 95%. The promotion and optimization of the forum is a tedious process and a process that takes up a great deal of time. How to get a good ranking in Baidu, Google, and how to retain popularity, this is the key. The network also has a lot of knowledge about this, here also to give you an analysis, let everyone also gain some knowledge. on the forum in Baidu, Google ranking, this relates to website optimization. " the content is king, the chain for emperor " is not deviate from the truth. As a forum, is a place for communication, we speak freely, about originality is easy to solve, many are original. And about the chain, this is to rely on their own accumulated Months and years pass by. There are mainly the following methods: 1, go and exchange links with high quality websites. …

Hebei to improve the city’s public space service level

public entrepreneurship and innovation has now become an era theme, while the public business now has become a national movement, the Hebei province to improve the city’s public record space service level, but also to vigorously promote entrepreneurship. 7 29, the provincial Party committee, party secretary Huang Lixin research and innovation of science and technology enterprises and the creation of space. She stressed the need to give full play to the advantages of science and education human resources, and further improve the city’s public space service level, to better promote the public entrepreneurship innovation. City leaders Xiang Xuelong, Li Shigui, Huang Lan, Zang Zhengjin participate in research.

Life memories from migrant workers to programmers, webmaster

            suddenly feel really old, but nothing got… when you see a brick in the construction site pushed the young man, when you see he is wearing a tattered and dirty man, that is a migrant workers, would you care about him? What is the occupation would later think he is not very good, but the occupation, and the former is not completely the same, is a programmer to enter the IT industry! Even I would not want to be a programmer ! 2002 graduated from junior high school (86 years oh), went to Guangdong Dongguan with friends, who know not to even find a general, last friend gave tens of dollars fare home, home on the remaining 5 cents, the way water can not drink! Now I know that the outside world is not imagined good! Go home, did not fare again out of a private mill at home for two months with several hundred dollars to Nanning, embarked on the road of migrant workers, in a childhood friends there was like hydropower, hydropower can do is not wrong. Then go to Guangxi occupation technology academy (do not know if there is not the school.), it was my friend’s father contracted dormitory 44#, we live across the hall, the daily work is to the building there, then where they built teachers dormitory, from every Day to go to work to go through the school building field, along the side of the road, I dare not look up, I wonder why the same age people, they are in University, and I have to do a laborer, really feel very inferiority. I saw a pair of lovers at night, and I knew I would never have that chance. One night there for a walk, see a friend to help MM, who will dare to call the bet beauty to come, so I called, was scolded, I blushed, but at night, the light is not clear! Dare not call MM. There, I don’t know how many people look down upon us, I have a day on the back, see the workers from the dormitory gate, and I in the back, that dress really sucks, the guard would not let me go, he pointed to me and said, who do you think you are? At that moment, really a little sad or hurt it, but I think what is the qualification to respond to him, a few female students standing there… Then. And another time, time to 44# dormitory to repair the water pipes, down by several girls said: " I hate every day, watching these men walking around ", I really don’t know what to say, or what is the reason to say to others, although I am poor, just graduated from junior high school, but I usually very hard to read, I also know how to behave… That moment, I Trying to create opportunities to read a little bit of books, I will not let others …

Film and television stations should look for profit again

do not remember when it was in a webmaster group to hear a sentence: "the sky dropped bricks down, killing ten people, nine is the webmaster, nine people, eight is engaged in film and television station.". Although it is a joke, but enough to reflect the number of television station owners are so much. why are there so many movie stations, ? one, easy to build. The film system of a fool, for a website name can be used, but also with the data. two, simple maintenance. Unless you do your own resources, or update the TV station, just pick a few fast updates, strong station, every day acquisition will be finished. station do not worry, do not worry about maintenance, what reason not to do? So, network is everywhere television station, television station but really do? I am on the two station in the first half of their operation, want to do a good job is not easy television station. one, the competition is fierce. The direct consequences of the simple site is that competitors are too many, such as without their own characteristics, coupled with Baidu do not sell accounts, basically difficult to survive. two, stereotyped. Simple collection and maintenance, resulting in web content stereotyped, you have, I have, we all have, how to retain users? three, lack of profit point. Advertising is most webmaster only profit model, but the television station for special users, advertisers create limited interest, so television station advertising costs low, even lead to traffic is not to earn money. webmaster the most painful thing is not able to get enough traffic, the most painful thing is not fully will flow into revenue, in advertising is not suitable for the television station today, television stations should consider other profit model. one, service. Grab your client’s needs and try to provide the services he needs, of course within the legal limits. two, products. Use your head, the television station users interested in what you can sell what, but I have the experience, had hit "Zhuguangbaoqi" when I use two of my website above sell a few happy ring. by in contributions!

Baidu algorithm path and included in the problem

mainly explain the Baidu algorithm in the website path problem, included problems, as well as the path and included problems. Usually troubled us a lot of paths and included in the Baidu algorithm, there are established rules, if you do not know these laws will give us a lot of optimization problems, or will take many detours. path and hierarchy problem most of the time we think the site path represents the site level, there are web sites with different levels of path, we mainly explain the practice level with the same path, which is a directory represents a level of common practice. 1, the level of enterprise station can not be greater than 3 layers. A small enterprise stand, if the level is too deep, more than 3 layers, to 4, 5, then the deeper the content, the more difficult to include. This Baidu according to the importance of the page to speculate, the importance of the page does not represent the weight of the page, but the content of the page in the whole site in the importance of degree. We will push forward important content, the most important content we will put on the home page, and secondly, important in the column page, the most important thing on the inside page. Well, Baidu believes that the content of your home page is the most important, and give the fastest included, followed by columns, pages, and finally the inner pages. Like Sina, Sohu news home page will be the day or recent users pay more attention to the content recommended in the headlines, as well as the wheel show plate, then Baidu will be priority to grab these content. But Baidu for different sites included to the deepest level is not the same. NetEase like Sina, this station 5 layers and 6 layers of the inside pages can easily be included, but our enterprise station 4 layer within the pages of Baidu has been difficult to collection. Because the content of the enterprise station is very little, some stations 100 pages less than, so the content below the 3 level is meaningless for the user. Therefore, in the design of enterprise station level path, must be within 3 layers. 2, path settings. Path is the identification of the user and search engine identification. At home there is no user memory path habit, but in SEO or it this group will have user memory path habit, in foreign users memory path is very common phenomenon. Search engines will also remember the path settings, so with the content of the path included and ranking have a great relationship. If a directory is our course that our path should be set to /kecheng/, the method proposed spelling when setting the path with the best, and is the 2 word spelling. Complete search engine over the first letter abbreviation and 2 words difficult to identify what is the meaning of. For some commonly used columns such as news and FAQ (FAQs), this …

How can local portals develop profitable quickly

the horn of the Internet has blown all over the world, setting off one after another myth of making rich. In a large number of small local Chinese innumerable websites sprint with the majority of Internet users to the eye shadow and off quickly into the local people’s lives in many places in the site, and to achieve the purpose of profit, I think is every webmaster every day thinking about the question! I and we discuss how quickly the local portal station the development and profit of ! a local portal, if you can solve the following problems, then his website can certainly make a quick profit! ! 1: domain name a good domain name can play a multiplier effect, simple and easy to remember domain allows local users remember your site, let you spend the least money in the process of propaganda, to play the best effect. two: information The local website through some of the latest and the best consulting society, can attract a considerable number of users, because the three major portals have barriers, Sina’s news is not news NetEase NetEase, sina will not be issued, but the local sites can easily send, you just put some hard work, social hot news the three big portal news overwith, which facilitates the browsing cost of Internet users, and increase the popularity of the website, just how hard a webmaster. Do not, the next step we have to do is to let mobile phone users and web sites to achieve interoperability, a small town of mobile phone users in more than 300 thousand, but the popularity of the computer is not so much, how to make this part of mobile phone users know our website? Can send some news, because some understanding the reasons for other reasons to cooperate in time, major news or sports news and so on, we can respond to the user’s mobile phone through the mobile phone, so even if there is no computer of the public can also and our website link, let our website quickly into the public life! Mobile phone reply news consulting its cost to be low the mobile phone is negligible, users can realize the green through our free reply, wait to have certain popularity and quantity can be received Fee service, at that time you can identify themselves, the most important thing is that we can drive a large number of popular! ! three: Forum , a local station must have a very strong interaction forum, the forum classification should be based on local basic necessities of life, may be a hot topic in the society and the piggyback on the discussion, the local forum should be to place the main plate do not engage in some boundless, although in the short term can bring to you but for your popularity, long-term development forum will be unfavorable, built to allow local users a sense of ownership, let him feel that this is your home, online, so you can! …

A little experience of doing CPS

I do video chat is a long time, always want what to write, too lazy to have no time, my friends asked me to teach him to write a way to him today, hoping to score, is dead, people are living, sensitive to use, give you a summary of a share! technique: 1. note: space and domain name, in order to unnecessary trouble, if foreign space space domain, all false materials, perhaps with the foreign domain. The space to be stable and fast, does not limit the number of concurrent IIS, because the very much time to release the number of traffic online, this is the main, beginning when the old because of my space stable, one can visit was not, wasted a lot of points, but also affects the speed of visitors, assuming very slow people at once on the block, looking for anything else! 2. terminal home, do not put the chain advertising, that will divert the amount of registration. It’s best to put all the conventional terminals on the inside page, because the tourists are not interested in this and maybe they’re interested in another one. Visitors need to register the page, it is best not to put the communication chain advertising back, can be placed in the rebound full screen show. Different paging, rebound, different exchanges, chain advertising show. And when it’s time to drop the bullet. 3. at 10 in the evening to test the data, first put 500 points, 1.5 bid to see how much to submit, there is no registration, you can continue to sell points. Then tune master 1.4 points bidding, the amount of entry is still a lot, the flow of general release for 1. 4 bidding price. No monitoring, just put 1. 2~1. 3 bidding, release time of late 12 to 6 in the morning. Second days, 10 o’clock, ~11, 1. 5 points bidding, put the blockade flow. The exchange chain advertising settings are also very important, you assume that you can’t write, you put 1. 5, the bidding is also very few people. Think in your own mind. What kind of ads do you want to be as a man?.           ;   4., grasp the traffic cost, there are two aspects: one is the direct conversion of the terminal, and the two is the rebound flow. The direct transformation of diligence is equivalent to the direct mastery of the cost. The return of bullet flow is direct to reduce the traffic cost. Different templates of the station, you can graft from the A station to the B station, perhaps B station traffic grafted to the A station, to achieve a dual application of traffic results. Another point is very important, but the site is to seduce, best not to put the dew point advertising, * * content, although that income is relatively high, but the risk is relatively large, but is otherwise law-abiding, beware of the police network is too much trouble for you, …

Awesome A5 website optimization into high-quality links to fast track

Zoupian Jian Feng rain eventually adhere to the original content and quality of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, dual link awesome, optimized up will take some time, and the intensity of competition is so big the word "SEO"? In Cardiff SEOWHY, which included quantity and reverse link number is above 10W, it is not difficult to understand what is the core of the web site optimization; again SEOWHY for up to two years Baidu ranked first, it can easily know the popular search engine search engine website how to love. For the website construction and website optimization, "content is king, link for emperor" is the truth! However, Wang said the emperor of the contents of the original difficult unceasingly, easier said than done, quality and quantity of the link is more difficult. talked about the link building, except for a limited number of exchange links, many people first thought is the forum, blog post, but the search engine algorithm after adjustment, has significantly reduced the forum, blog link weight; soft links have obvious advantages, and are very many webmaster successfully, but writing skills and thinking experience is not a the day of work; if the chain is regular, the purchase link effect is good, it is need to continually renew, will cost if things go on like this is not cheap, but once the stop site weight will inevitably be down, let the webmaster dilemma. Enhance the website ranking, essential link, high quality links come from? According to my understanding, A5 is the official beta and the upcoming on-line marketing and link Alliance (, may give an ideal solution. soft text marketing link alliance, fully tap A5 both resources, between the webmaster, build soft text marketing and link construction supply and demand platform. On the one hand, a large number of grassroots Webmaster Station has no way, because the website weight is low and its own resources and lack of experience, and continuously improve the regulation of the Internet access threshold, growth path is unusually rough; on the other hand, attention to website optimization and search ranking webmaster, as the above analysis, the link quality and quantity always seems so far away. There is demand, there are markets, A5 soft links marketing links, so that the station itself to full value, but also effectively solve the web site optimization links difficult, quality links more difficult reality. The author and the work units in Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, in the soft link alliance test at the beginning of that pay to participate, measured that A5 marketing link has the resources of higher quality, more stable links, more diverse forms, cheaper, more abundant, the effect is more ideal six characteristics. (red part for Baidu snapshot included part, black for temporarily not included by Baidu) one, better quality of resources, Although has a strong supply and demand market, and regardless of the weight of the site geometry, but not all sites can A5 link resources, but there is a rigorous …

Method of flow diversion from Baidu

Baidu as the world’s largest Chinese Web site, its traffic that is quite big, so today to talk about how to flow from Baidu to its own site is actually from Baidu’s own products which flow, who let him have so many products, ha ha, my site is also from Baidu, oh, 1, you can create entries in the Baidu encyclopedia, or revise the others create entries, then add their own connections, such as the "" Yangtze River seven "online watch" and then back to your own connection to 2, in Baidu know inside hair, then ask the answer. Note the answer time is not too AD, you would like a normal answer, don’t send a connection even, next to have a little embellishment of the ? 3, in Baidu’s post bar inside, to find a few and their website related, and more popular, popular a little stick, and then answer some of the members in question. If possible, try to get familiar with the owner and the inside point, convenient after his AD, ha ha!4, creates its own Baidu space, then they have free reprint articles about others, or if you have published some of the original in a leisurely and carefree mood, you know, a better space flow but larger than the general flow of the site. there are a lot of places can be attracted traffic, the key is that you are not want these traffic, but this is also a risk of Oh, is likely to be Baidu K off, after all, these are not the right way, too much, too dangerous, but for those sites have dropped by Baidu K so, you can slowly, if you find some popular keywords, traffic is not a problem. Ha ha,

China’s five major stations Baidu, VS, Google

Baidu gives five major domestic portal:               1: Chinese Station – station information | we are committed to provide the power Chinese website ! provides website source code, commonly used tools to download, and web design, programming information. ,, 60K, 2008-11-12 – Baidu snapshot second: | webmaster stationmaster net will be on the website – China webmaster information resources, transactions, and training Wangzhuan … webmaster information, alliance information, network money information center, webmaster story, personal website development experience, skills daquan. ,, 66K, 2008-11-12 – Baidu snapshot third: China webmaster – the future of China webmaster, more focused on the development of China’s network provides a variety of source code, technical tutorials, software, web material, design resources. ,, 30K, 2008-11-12 – Baidu snapshot fourth: China Adsense Net – Chinese individual Adsense centrally, webmaster from here, ! provides a variety of source code, technical tutorials, common software, web material resources. ,, 42K, 2008-11-12 – Baidu snapshot fifth: Chinese webmaster home – Webmaster Tools station, site included query, Baidu included query, Google collect… provides search engines, including queries, Alexa ranking queries, PageRank queries, IP address queries, domain name registration queries, Whois queries, webmaster tools. ,, 39K, 2008-11-12 – Baidu snapshot Google gives five major domestic portal: first: China webmaster – the future of China webmaster, more focused on the development of China’s network, providing a variety of source code, technical tutorials, software, web material design resources. – 35K – Web snapshot – similar to web pages second: China Station – station information | we are committed to providing power to provide Chinese website! Website source code, commonly used tools to download, and web design, programming information. www.chinaz.c>

How many functions do you drive What are the most important attributes of a product manager

ha ha, many days did not open the public number backstage, and then found that netizens asked me why the new year, not to the user to send a "Happy New Year" blessing…… Well, I’m sorry, I’m not your Lucky cat, do not bow and scrape to the holidays. Because I know, I just want to make a happy new year, and some people will say, "you become vulgar."". wants to talk about two products and one question today. "What are the most important attributes of a product manager?" because of family reasons, the wife and children in the US country new year, will can’t do anything here without a car, every day to the frequent use of Google maps. In China, I am the loyal powder of Gao De’s map. So when the two applications are compared together, there are some feelings. 1, giving people a sense of trust or frequency brush presence? just landed when using Google Maps Navigation, some does not adapt, because the habit of noisy High German navigation, in front of fifty meters straight "," high moral map has been for your navigation "," crossing in front of cars"…… It basically rings in two or three minutes. and Google maps are no nonsense, very high cold, and often I drive for 40 minutes, and it doesn’t say a word. In the beginning I thought it was not the mobile phone crashes (sweat) to speed, but when, at a distance of two miles will prompt accurate "and two miles, a certain export", then 0.5 miles to remind one, 0.25 miles a reminder. used for a long time, Google map gives me the feeling is a sense of trust, as long as it does not speak, I feel at ease to open the music, just go ahead. And the high moral map, when I need to drive, always focus on what it says, for fear of missing important information. well, I know some of my classmates will say, High German map old driver mode of, ah, need to open the bottom navigation "more", and then enter the "Settings", then enter the "navigation settings", and finally into the "broadcast mode", "to become a classic simple broadcast". I believe that the proportion of users who know and successfully change here is certainly not large. 2, more functions, is the cow, ? interested students can go to look at Google maps and high moral map center personal personal center, the difference between the two is approximately equal to the wore no make-up of a campus of pure beauty and a bare breasts long legged walking the red carpet sexy actress. I believe in some operational data indicators, whether it’s a high moral map or a Baidu map, it’s better than a Google map. For example, the high moral map has "my wealth", has "continuous daily check win gold coins", there are a variety of information topics can improve the user’s online time. None of these Google maps. , but I …

The core step of enterprise network marketing diagnosis

now small and medium-sized enterprises, more or less have carried out network marketing to promote enterprise sales, but the lack of long-term and systematic planning. If the enterprise can do network marketing to self diagnosis of electronic commerce, can not avoid the blind? Guest network marketing institute said: "the enterprise network marketing diagnosis is a complex process, but the marketing process" is a system first, network marketing network marketing diagnosis based on holistic understanding, the function and form of the foundation of network marketing. First of all, the network marketing is divided into three levels: first level: website marketing is also the lowest level. To enterprise own website marketing as the core, customers through search engines and other means of access to enterprise website. second level: network marketing, with the public website as the core. At this stage, most of the enterprise network marketing in this stage, it can be said that this is an inevitable process of network marketing development, but not the ultimate goal. third levels: Internet users marketing, Internet users as the core. By the end of 2009, netizens in mainland China had exceeded 400 million, and Internet marketing, with Internet users’ demands as the core, was the ultimate goal of enterprises. as an online marketing training institute, we diagnose the website in teaching from the following aspects: diagnosis: include the company independent website, and the secondary domain name website built on the public platform, setting from the key Title, Keywords, Description three labels, to analysis the website page design technology, keyword set, domain name registration evaluation path of rationality, internal and external links, a comprehensive assessment of health website. diagnosis: input in the search engine’s core keywords, keywords or business, such as the guest network marketing institute is "network marketing training" and "network marketing", the development of the search results appear in the company’s business interests, and whether the content is coherence and oriented. Content appears on what kind of marketing platform, and in what way to carry out the advertising. Methods: the diagnosis of marketing is still in search results as the evaluation content, video marketing, email marketing, event marketing, blog marketing, marketing news and so on, which are suitable to the enterprise in the industry. Each industry applies different network marketing combinations. Sales: diagnosis means that transaction means, different products and services by the chamber of Commerce different sales channels, basically, the application of B2B, B2C, C2C platform respectively corresponding to manufacturers, retailers and brands and retailers; from the observation of the sales platform, to determine the most suitable for the development of the industry sales. of course, for the site to do comprehensive diagnosis, but also to seize the key to analysis, so as to guide your web site in a healthy direction.

Talk about the O2O industry profit model and its future development through the rise and fall of gro

O2O is a concept of the electricity supplier industry in recent years the rise of the O2O (Online to Offline and Offline to Online) is divided into two kinds, one is the consumer from online to offline consumption, one is the next line to the online consumer groups, a project before the start of the author is to the latter. That is, the positioning of the two or three line cities, for the line of the main consumer groups to sell local brands do not have products, in the business community to establish an experience shop model, sales services. Very similar to the British Argos e-commerce model, this model is very successful in the United kingdom. But today I would like to explore the first O2O, which refers to bringing online consumers to reality stores — online payments, buying offline goods and services, and going offline to enjoy service. The current group buying is one of the O2O models. In fact, O2O in Chinese is one of the earliest business model, Ctrip pattern is a classic O2O model, but he is the realization of the information flow, capital flow and online service is realized, can be said to be a stage of the model, O2O finally need to realize the flow of information and capital to realize online business. Flow and service to achieve online. currently on the market more familiar is the group purchase mode,, 58 city (classified sites), love, word-of-mouth network local search these belong to O2O mode. I want to talk about group purchase, as we all know, the granddaddy of the group purchase is the United States groupon. Originated in November 2008, with its simple profit model, to achieve profitability in just 7 months, set up a year will have a net income of $50 million, more than $100 million in 2009, more than $400 million in 2010, to the third quarter of this year, the 3 quarter of 2011 Groupon revenue of $430 million, an increase of 426%, and in November 4th this year in rasdaq listed. In an interview with Forbes and others, Groupon said his goal was to reach $1 billion earlier than any other form of sales in history, and he did. The group purchase mode is simple, the world crazy follow-up imitation, group purchase website does not include Chinese has more than 1000, China more outrageous peak when the group purchase site more than 5000, the group purchase website of the tricks in the market to fight hand to hand with the capital market, but also to seize this opportunity, crazy investment, according to Analysys International Statistics. Chinese network group purchase website in 2010 received a total of 13 financing, involving 9 group purchase website, the amount of financing of nearly 700 million yuan, of which handle network, F group, full, ah ah group, cool group, the U.S. group and other well-known sites accumulated investment has reached 10 million yuan level. with capital intervention, the group began to frenzied expansion, …

The primary station new journey

has been following his classmate SEO for 4 months on the basis of his own understanding of the code. My friend gave me a lot of information, I will slowly to see a, ah ~ ~ Oh, that, then we go and do the women’s health website, do for a long time, because the editor is too much, we did not pay upfront, you heart qi ah. stop further, the people’s patience to finish, the website a lot of trouble, no way, we can finally rest, I also took the opportunity to do something else, a friend gave an input method ( web site to me, let me do it myself, PR 4 is also good ah then, slowly made their start, the input method in 15, because 3 days did not update it fell to 20, my mother, you are crazy, hard 5 people went to go in front of me, oh, I feel quite interesting, and then I’ll update speed, then go to Baidu, do the chain, so do the chain, PR, Baidu spider to Qin place to pack advertising, and others to exchange connection, the site updated faster to keep up, and then to do is your site of things, the key to good Word segmentation, web site, within the chain, step by step to this. can only do so, while studying in front of my web site, the edge of the improvement, so slowly climbing, but also one day to climb up one, ha ha ~ ~ a bit like playing games, upgrade acridine. Ha ha, and then by their own way to do C38 template, look at the article ADMIN, learn more advanced experience, but also good acridine, ha ha. I’m talking a little messy. Let’s do the SEO. 1, website structure is done well. The 3 floor is just 2, key words, pay attention to inverted row, oh, 3, inner chain, outer chain 4, update, 5, other that’s all I have to say. hope you come to my website. Ha ha, goodbye,