Month: August 2017

The website is to flow or high conversion

website has a large number of clicks, keyword ranking was enhanced, and into the flow of the other pages can promote the keywords ranking, and ranking on the site, natural flow will also change, this is a benign cycle, and according to a study of data information provided by the teachers Road explosion also, the website is natural PV and the conversion rate is proportional to the charge is not to get the result of this traffic and conversion rate of all sites is pursuit of things, but also evaluation is an important index for a web site, said the site is going to flow or high conversion of this problem, I believe many web site optimization personnel have met, today the author according to their own experience to talk about some personal views. wood Shanghai, just want to say, what are the high conversion, profitability is more willing to see the boss. The website ranking is not good, wasn’t much traffic, but also what the high conversion, playing what high attitude. In fact, the boss is the pursuit of profit. 300 IP, 10 turnover, conversion rate is 3.3%, and 800 IP, 200 turnover, the conversion rate is 2.5%. Do you think the business owner more love to see what When the   ?Before remember: when you succeed, others will only see your aura, you won’t remember a failure and darkness. The same site, despite some deceptive behavior in the process of attracting click, but as long as the ranking is up, you will get more clicks, more traffic, more profits. So don’t be turned on be a case of a web site keywords is always the love Shanghai ninth, have been on the go, then directly through the QQ mail and call the user through the forum to lure plus love Shanghai search for the keyword Click to enter the site, in the elicitation process can make use of some skills to let users click on multiple pages. Reduce the rate of jump out, here not much said. Results 1 months after the keyword row to third. Of course, to induce a large number of users need to click "enter the top 2 search results page after page, because no how many people to click, even if your induction is very good, others are not willing to go so far to you, will be more or less damage in the process of user experience, so I have to give them on site as far as possible to avoid the needs of users. ?   many enterprise executives have love high conversion rate, think this is effective, it is a good user experience, this is the only decent thing, but in the pursuit of high conversion website, many executives insist on the chain and soft site must be in place the largest user base, it is not the place so, some do not let the optimization researchers introduced a lot of traffic, unless it is valuable, and resolutely resist some …

Three principles of website promotion, can not blindly effect

first, promotion is a complementary process, not in a way to go black. In the actual operation process, we will find a lot of friends blindly believe some of the popular products, such as WeChat. Watching others do WeChat marketing to earn money, he will do, to promote their products, but the money is not, in the end even at WeChat is not. In fact, try to see the problem from many angles, those suitable for WeChat promotion basically is a common thing in life, such as mask, watches, sports shoes such as rigid products. The rigid demand for this kind of thing is relatively large, but the price is not very expensive. We accept them is more appropriate, if you are a home appliance, then you go to the road of WeChat marketing is clearly not appropriate, contrary to the forum Post Bar do some marketing effect will be better. This is a very simple truth, not on the Internet which product is the most suitable for promotion, some means of promotion or to see their own product attributes, but we have to understand that the promotion is steps and techniques, we cannot expect a means of promotion can not only bring us flow can also bring the conversion rate, we should combine multiple channels together. Do you like the beauty of marketing in WeChat, then after the drainage will need to do some keywords ranking in the search engine, make brand credibility. This is the whole promotion process must pay attention to. for website promotion, I think we are not unfamiliar. In this era of resources is too fierce fighting, will not engage in marketing, not to promote their own development, the website will become a very serious problem. Of course, we are gradually aware of serious problems, from WeChat, micro-blog to the regular forum we are Post Bar, doing marketing in hard, and hope to obtain more stable and high quality traffic from search engines. But sometimes, we can not be too blind for the promotion, not in order to promote to promote, and understand the principles of truth should be the promotion process, understand some of their own how much. It is with a cavity blood to do promotion, it is only a head-on blow to their. In fact, in my opinion, there are four main principles of website promotion need to pay attention to. second, promotion to watch user, not outright other. Many people have always been a believer in the promotion is to write soft, moisturizes things in silence, let users feel you in advertising, but the user is not aware of this advertisement is in the promotion of products, it will not produce enough strong desire to buy, then you have to promote hair ah this is? It is now generally existing problems, including implicit storage of respect, from the promotion to product conversion abduction several bends, in fact I’m not saying that we should promote the simple and crude, but must not …

Entrepreneurs don’t come first. The new district is not your Utopia300 thousand headlines, monthly a

in income, 300 thousand account accounts, 30 million yuan   the distance from Beijing West Railway Station to Xiongxian is not more than 1 hours. A sales office was filled with ">" I understand that Zhang Yiming believes that the content of gold mining text can still, after a short video content business become the next outlet, the reason is: in the video of the "production" and "distribution" and "interactive" 3 links, great changes have occurred. says production first. The video production threshold has dropped to very much in fact, there is no clear description of the future of the cultural industry in the New District, and the "cultural center" has long been recognized as the capital’s core function. But at this point in time, any opportunity is worth considering. Minsheng Securities Research Institute pointed out in the new interpretation of male analysis, relatively developed areas north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other culture, "cultural enterprises in Hebei are mostly in the initial stage, culture media belongs to the blue ocean market, government departments have more power to increase cultural enterprise capital process". in the streets and lanes brought to the construction of the new town of the people, and their understanding of the chain reaction specific xiongan district. In the announcement in the evening of April 1st, the establishment of the new district was defined by the official media as "Millennium Project" and "state affairs", and was interpreted as a bearer of non capital functions and a bridgehead for future scientific and technological innovation. months live users over 130 million since April 1st evening, announced the establishment of the new male zone, composed of three districts of the new County, ushered in the attention of the outside world, the three ordinary North China county has lost its former calm. he made three judgments on content entrepreneurship, think the next content of entrepreneurship tuyere in short video, the next 12 months, today’s headlines to come up with 1 billion yuan to support short video content entrepreneurs. drying data: 300 thousand accounts, monthly accounts 30 million yuan, in September last year at today’s headlines creators conference, the headline number of messages is very clear, that is, to make money from the media. At that time, Zhang Yiming said let 1000 headlines get 10000 dollars a month at least. In today’s event announced cash: content entrepreneurship under an air outlet in short video from 1992 to 2016 the establishment of state-level new district , but the new identity has penetrated into every New District People’s hearts. The subtle atmosphere of the street pervaded the air. The streets of the car stay in a variety of dependencies, from Hebei to Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, everything. The most deserted hotel has been booked up before I come, and I can only stay in my classmate’s house for the time being. at this time last year, the headline number has 35 thousand accounts, the platform is divided into 3 million yuan a month. Now, the headline has …

According to Shanghai dragon feature production and optimization techniques

for network editor, according to different material selection often need to make corresponding topics, which has become the essential skill of network editing. However, at present our editorial in making thematic only from the topic of the content and appearance of the page, often overlooked on the topic of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Although the promotion project, Shanghai dragon is just one but not all, but if there is no Shanghai dragon concept promotion do always feel lack of essence. This section, from the special day edge for everyone in the making of code optimization, content selection, etc. briefly expounds the forum layout. information: day edge (Zhang Zhigang) code optimization: the current network editor friends do special pursuit mainly has two aspects, one is content, the two is beautiful. Although this requires no ground for blame in the pursuit of beauty, but often with a large number of high pixel images, flash, can produce special effects, as well as some high-level language for considering nested iframe. As a result, although the topic vivid beautiful, but in fact to the search engine crawling has brought great difficulties, the use of high pixel image and a large number of flash to make the whole project page bloated, patient user can afford a page open time is generally not more than 3S, the search engine crawler is the same, when long time crawling incomplete pages, are more likely to give up crawling on this page. So, we should try to avoid using too much flash in the design of the webpage, the big picture is the best with the slice tool all cut into small map, in order to reduce the loading time. In addition, the use of iframe on the page, the search engine is a new one to distinguish between the new page of the page, so whether you consider how to optimize this topic has nothing to do with this iframe page. In order to make the project more lively, may use a large number of high-level languages, search engine crawlers can not be recognition of these languages, so the page length in this code is not friendly to the search engine. The solution is a high-level language used in all of the page write the corresponding.JS file, you can directly call the local needs. The this section as "network editing content optimization Practical Handbook": "for Shanghai Longfeng feature production and optimization techniques, the copyright belongs to the author, authorized China station (www.chinaz贵族宝贝) released.   section of the layout and content selection: often make special editor friend, should be a lot of will use CSS+DIV. Here the "layout" is actually the code on the page, we will put the topic into several large, perhaps on the page because of the need of the content layout has been fixed, so in the code we need to arrange each block according to the order of our optimization ideas. Some friends have a habit. five, according to the Shanghai Longfeng feature production and optimization …

If one day we lost the search engine site will decide on what path to follow

is not a site search engine is a kind of get traffic channels, all of the remember, as a search engine, it is just a channel or get traffic tools, it is not all of the web site. Or some people think it sounds unbelievable, left the search engine you can do what review: June 22nd domestic search engine boss love a large area of Shanghai K station, many grassroots webmaster in this hot summer a bit of irritability, head of the forum every day is unusually hot, eight or nine owners have been affected. After many webmaster love in retaliation for Shanghai set up anti love Shanghai alliance crazy click on PPC ads. 6.22 event data survey line chart Many webmaster easy to fall into the quick mind.   Causes analysis of back to the incident has passed more than two months, when you are playing cool or radical rebels, as a part of the domestic Internet practitioners, for this event we should have more in-depth reflection. We wish to make an assumption, suppose that when you wake up one day and found that global search engines are shut down, then the domestic webmaster to this one from decide on what path to follow? That I think we as a webmaster in site operators need to make a change, have their own user groups is fundamental to the successful operation of the website so, we can be in an invincible position in the turbulent environment in search engine. to K in the above event review event, so we can roughly say mainly because this part of the site by K ignore the user experience, rely solely on the Shanghai dragon to get traffic. The Shanghai dragon has been defined as an integral part of the site operation, the Shanghai dragon we can simply say for search engine spiders for playing some small smart, but we don’t forget as a search engine, the hundreds of engineers do not tip is a vegetarian, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is the user is. The transformation, so whether the chain or content, and contrary to the wishes of the user is to be search engine politics. visitors love is really reasonable ? the answer is very simple, that is to do the brand, the brand is a sign that it is not limited to a corporate brand, also can make the personal brand, such as the Zac master of Shanghai Longfeng daily post blog. Lu Songsong Lu Songsong blog, I believe that many webmaster are very familiar with this blog, and subscribe to a collection of them, this is actually a kind of brand effect, even if one day the search engine disappeared, presumably to get traffic these two waves can be no less from the subscription and collection. Of course to do personal or enterprise online brand building is not a short duration of time that the webmaster to from the long-term perspective, make the website operation ideas perfect.

Keywords Guiyang website optimization ranking takes a long time

, 4 popular keywords   Keywords is generally popular keywords do home time is 6 months or 6 months or more, the popular keyword search volume every day nearly 1000, and the emergence of a large number of popular search keywords love Shanghai auction sites at home. For example, the "plastic" this word is generally popular keywords, the average search volume over 1000, and there are a large number of bidding links. Another feature is generally popular keywords is the home page column page rank or station. Guiyang website optimization ranking takes a long time, Guizhou once network that website optimization appeared decided to optimize the length of time. Keywords divided into popular keywords, keywords, generally popular keywords and popular keywords, super hot. Keywords the greater the degree of competition ranking to the first page of the longer, keyword competition means not only the keyword search index also contains keywords and keywords commercial profits level. Guizhou: commercial network that was mainly refers to the keywords love Shanghai, mainly from the level of profits at home site strength. 3, generally popular keyword popular keywords such as "Guizhou Romon suits" such words do time may be more than one year, this is the basic search keywords home station page ranking, basically no enterprise home page ranking. Popular keywords need optimization and promotion team together, and also need to combine marketing to be the ranking of the first page. It is not recommended to optimize individual popular keywords. general popular keywords of the first page of the time is about 1-2 months, popular keywords are those keywords in search index less than 100, and the search keywords in Shanghai home love no love Shanghai, and set up enterprise station page ranking keywords called popular keywords. Very high use value of popular keywords, because of the first page of the cost is very low. For example, a lot of long tail keywords is popular keywords, these popular keywords every day brings a IP accumulated to bring a large number of users, and the conversion of the long tail word rate is very high. 5, 2Keywords general do time is 3-6 months, if the optimization foundation is very good can do ranked in 3-4 months. Keywords general daily search index 100 – 300 between the search keywords are generally home enterprise station home page ranking, to second pages or most enterprise station home page ranking, and there will be a small amount of love Shanghai auction website ranking and station page ranking. super popular keywords, such as "car" life of these common words, these words daily search volume may reach tens of thousands, and the home is a large portal. , 1 popular keywords super popular keywords Keywords , general

Google officially launched over optimized penalty algorithm for foreign trade winter is coming

background: at the beginning of March nobility baby Engineer Matt will punish the excessive use of search engine optimization Website 3 at the end of period, a large number of owners received non natural link "noble baby Webmaster Tools" to inform algorithm optimization excessive punishment for Google friends, this event is certainly no stranger, called as death declaration, the general content: Dear XXX贵族宝贝 website owners or webmasters: we detected some of your site’s pages may be used in violation of nobility baby webmaster guidelines technology. Specifically, it is possible to find artificial or unnatural links, these links to your site and attempt to manipulate PageRank. For example, buying links to pass PageRank or participate in link schemes, these are non natural link behavior. We advise you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Make the corresponding change, please submit your site for noble baby review. If you find to your site that you are unable to control or remove unnatural links, please provide the details in your reconsideration request. Then received the notice of the site are different degrees of punishment, it can only say that you violated the algorithm of Google website. in early March, noble baby Engineer Matt Cutts in a discussion group revealed will punish the excessive use of search engine optimization technology website. Noble baby believe that search engines should have a "fair competition", the content includes "semantic search, search engine optimization, performance, advertising and website ranking etc.. This signal indicates some Google update algorithm. in April 24th, Google in the Internet (贵族宝贝 webmastercentral.blogspot贵族宝贝/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html officially announced the noble baby) over optimization penalty algorithm introduced. The content is: "white hat" Shanghai dragon can improve the usability of the site, to help create a rich content, or make the website access faster, these users and search engines are quite friendly, good search engine optimization also means good marketing thinking and creative ways to make the site more attractive. This can help the search. April 24th, Google officially announced the launch of these days on the Internet is "the storm", love Shanghai to upgrade the system, in the past few days, also in April 24th, Google officially launched the website optimization excessive punishment. Suddenly, to do foreign trade friends facing the coming winter?   Background: two

Analysis of competitive keywords acquisition and optimization method

‘s own goal 2. 5-10 "pre target keywords, the keywords in the list or noble love Shanghai baby natural ranking of the top ten websites, and websites strength. website space needed to support URL rewriting, this is the need to pay attention to the choice of the host. In fact, URL’s purpose is very simple, just to make the site pseudo static, one can increase the website access speed, loading web content on the other hand also can let the spider more easily, make the URL become friendly, improve the user experience. The most common URL rewriting usage is a group of URL hierarchical structure into a string, query string URL, for example 贵族宝贝ww> 2 website space and web application support URL rewrite 1. a list of keywords your customers may use, as well as the keyword search volume. analysis of the industry’s top 1 specific vocabulary, as ?The first method: know what is the competition of high keywords, then we need to take certain measures to optimize. website optimization webmaster all know, in the actual operation process, we will encounter a lot of competitive keywords quite strong, although difficult, but once we do this, get traffic but quite huge. In addition the Shanghai dragon industry we can not always do competition small keywords, on the one hand can exercise our ability, on the other hand, the practical value is relatively small, so competitive keywords is one we have to contact the. But the optimization of competitive keywords is that not everyone thought the success rate is very low, the glint and flash of cold steel, as long as the master some steps to do the ideal position is still possible for us. But I first say how to judge the key competitive size second methods: when a keyword search results ranked in the top 10 include more than 3 non home page link, this keyword is generally less competitive. If the top 20 are the main domain name (web page) link, so the word often competition is high. Since to do anything with a goal, so more competitive keywords. I have previously said how much keyword analysis, once you set your goals, we will fight for every step should be dedicated, host, domain name and website layout will take great efforts to build. 3. by screening analysis, determine the target keywords of their own. third methods: competitive keyword search results, often the keyword in the first place title, even 2 times in the title. At the same time, the description will also appear in several key words. If this is the case, then prove that the word of the competition is very high.

48 hours into the love of Shanghai top three reliable

now love Shanghai update algorithm, this principle is also useful for 3. ad this is as much as today is a dry cargo, Shanghai dragon skills (贵族宝贝e276贵族宝贝/), is the Shanghai Dragon technology such as ranking tenth, index 100, you click every day 500 times, will make you feel your ranking? You say one or two times that you click every day, then you may not be 480 hours before three. That should see what? Say, has recently been a real.   Webmaster Tools need to pay attention to what? 48 hours in Shanghai before three ad behind the ads on 48 hours into the Shanghai market in the first three love major business advertising is still? You say works not? Just before the 10 words can make up 5, can now make up two, profit is still quite large.   is now the webmaster forum have 48 hours in Shanghai before the three love such advertising, such advertising is credible? Success rate how much? Nine carpenters certainly say: is effective, but in the course of the operation need some attention, or ranking do not, will be right down as these! Advertising is to pay attention to these is not clear, before the success rate can reach seven or eight, the love of Shanghai a few days ago update algorithm for these 48 hours into the crackdown began to love Shanghai top three websites. Look at the next 48 hours into the market in Shanghai in three, before the dragon. out of love A5 love2. yes, love Shanghai clicks. The user experience for Google to win, do not play a role, love Shanghai too two, users click rate is high, the longer residence time, considered the user experience better. Just love Shanghai clicks loopholes. You see their advertisement "in the top two page"? Two page weight as can be imagined, if you love Shanghai after two pages can by clicking the up two dead. ?   48 hours into the Shanghai before three ad ? 48 hours into the love of Shanghai top three webmaster tools yes, this business is such a fire, the time for the May 9th 11. One day I do, oh. Why this business is so fire, others see the advertisement is not effective, after the payment, the feeling is very good? How do you ask him right down, don’t run to blame. Even if the success rate of half, they also want to be able to get a sb a cheat, who give money. 48 hours before entering three The principle of ads on 1.a5 48 hours into the top three

2012 noble baby prophecy and domestic copycat Watch

3, remember the image search application? It will be applied to the noble baby pictures on the web search, and analyze the image and identify the objects and characters. This is not something to copy the domestic enterprises, the concept of hope to the noble baby 09 years of the transparent plate continues to move. noble baby Doodle < > 4, Music will become a noble baby subscription service. The content of this I still can not intuitively understand it. But the noble baby Music has been based on genuine music in a way to bring you high quality service, but the service only for U.S. users, if want to experience, only try to visit U.S. agent. Music subscription service in China is actually a lot, the best performance is the music website launched radio service. 5, Docs has been changed to the noble baby baby noble Drive, that is the original document storage and editing services, changes to the file storage service. Is to enter the SkyDrive mode. After the revision, it will be more suitable for the use of tablet. It is said that this improvement will be free of any file storage and synchronization. If so, I will give up all domestic service now SkyDrive decisive test. is based on the supplement the original content, according to the similarity classification finishing, and joined the corresponding copycat market view. This to the readers, see more intuitive. noble baby Goggles noble baby Music 2, noble baby Doodle  after the release of the Creator, allows users to create their own doodle (i.e. nobility baby on the front page with the holiday changes of small Logo), and the doodle can be like to share the same baby + nobility. Tencent can learn to share, but to learn to create estimates very difficult, unless the QQ graffiti board merger, but the piece of the market demand is too small, only a few did not sign the mechanism of master game player was suck. GOS also released the noble baby’s prophecy in the new year on New Year’s day, this year a total of 22 predicted the nobility baby in 2012 may happen. In fact, carefully count, domestic release of only 21, one of which seems to be missing translation. The navigation menu 1, noble baby will improve as a customizable, prompt column will also support the new service, the original plan is adopted in the noble + baby. In 2011, the home page navigation bar to change the baby aristocracy, has let Sina, Tencent are flocking to these copycat uncle. In 2012, the copycat will be more crazy. noble baby home noble baby Drive

Dry cargo the line on the site before I do

? site: site plan, prepare a target and planning ? in medical plastic industry also has a full two years old, because I have PHP, so in the procedure is also a little to understand it, this also allows me to accelerate the Shanghai dragon to get started. One day, on a whim, simply do a plastic three party website, because of Chengdu’s plastic industry is too much, I stand in the user’s point of view to think, if I want to go to do surgery, how should I find myself I need? So I’ll follow this paper (Chapter I is think of one thing to write a bit, so some unfluent places should also contain). website a few days up, mainly on a station optimization, there are several h tags. website online, the purpose of this site is to do what? How to profit? How should go to the website planning, website planning? Website which should put what? What is appropriate? Many problems basically to hit me down before opening first, to solve the following: think they do is shaping three party network, customers are concerned about what the hospital do, what experts to do for me? How much money? What promotions? I have to do this project what precautions? (such as eyelid surgery need to pay attention to what I write?) and so on. Summed up several sections: home, plastic surgery hospital, orthopedic specialists, plastic, plastic, plastic price discount website Wikipedia, which should take what? How to put it right? I will be here to. 1, the site of the website to website You should go to 2, home page: some people may vote in the interest of a station, but I believe the purpose of a word "money"; Keyword two: is the plastic three party website, I can work in Chengdu and other plastic surgery hospital is certainly not, early customer cooperation, because your site inside what also have no, no, no IP, so it is necessary to do site optimization, the following will be introduced. I was going to, after all aspects of the site weight up, because his wife is plastic industry consultant, so also accumulated contacts, you can contact them in major plastic surgery hospital and our cooperation, the appointment of a project from our site customers, we provided into how much money on our website recommend, release information such as how much money a discount, this idea is very simple, so rookie. how to profit? home is the main Chengdu plastic, Chengdu plastic surgery hospital, the title must appear keywords, description of the inside as well as keywords, as far as possible in the front, described the statement " 3, website how to plan

For those on why site is k or drop right and keywords ranking disappeared people

please look at the latest Shanghai love what update? Can love Shanghai Webmaster Platform look, or A5, search outside, behind, Chinaz forum to look at ! stable Mentality — please think carefully you at this time, what did the operation on the ! actually I want to say is, when a web site is a problem, as a Shanghai dragon Er then I see good people answer in general is "you site garbage outside the chain too much, your article content quality is too low, you optimize excessive, your server stability is not stable, your friend chain is not affected by the" and so on, here are. They have the possibility to answer, but do you think they will carefully analyze your website to give a reliable answer? To answer the 80% people do not look at your site. Even if they do, they can better understand this site than you? The answer is no! So instead of wasting so much time, why we do not seriously analyze? You might say you’re looking for, did not identify the problem, so I ask for help, this is right, but I want to say is you I undertake to the website analysis? You don’t tell me, I see my site outside the chain is no problem, this is not a problem, the site does not exist unopenable phenomenon and so on, these are actually self consolation! More than speech on behalf of the donkey brother personal thoughts, don’t hold me put the mentality, adjust, do not come to spray 100 Niang, as you are a mess, how Shun thought. Voiceover: a Shanghai dragon ER must have normal people don’t have the capacity to face the sudden arrival of the daxidabei. , summing up the above analysis, make a reasonable plan and implementation, observation and follow up. Personally, if there is misleading, please. The donkey brother will humbly. what you should do? investigation, do you think is the reason of K once again listed, and you have to note influence processing method and processing may bring in each reason behind. ! note: if you do not know what is right down common reasons? Please love Shanghai search! There are so many articles donkey brother contact Shanghai dragon, from parasitic forum to the beginning of the later on forum now and then to look at the forum timing of the latest information, the donkey brother found a common phenomenon of "no matter what time go to the forum you can see such a problem — my website keywords ranking off, for the master weapon! Website is k how to do? How to do the chain? Site down the right, who helps look is what causes?". !After the end of the The Since website? , when you think it over, please observe after cause site drop right or be K, a list of all! Then one by one investigation, please change this time you are thinking, algorithm development, how can you through the program to …

A good Shanghai dragon must have the ability and technology

: capacity: 3, keyword: 2, The ability to choose 4, website data analysis: is a website with the above 4 abilities, it is like a frame of your house has been built, so how we can live comfortably and call a friend to say, there must be refined optimization techniques: from the primary school we started to contact the text, can really come in handy, want to write text, then the effect is amazing. Some of the same text through the combination of different results, it will express a variety of all sorts of strange things. So, you know, no one does not know the master of Shanghai Longfeng editor. is one of the top Shanghai dragon master will often pay attention to dynamic web data, analysis of the data on the website can certainly very strong. Not only to analyze your station, peer website also will analyze it, because the enemy can also learn from each other can also improve ourselves. The row in front of the site analysis, you can find their own lack of the existence of the site, the advantages of others is what you need to learn and improve. Analysis of the website of others after come back to see her again when the station, you can optimize the targeted and efficient ZhengZhan optimization. Since this is not for you to save a lot of valuable time. If there is no analysis ability, then you will always be behind others, chasing others ass. is just like you to build a edifice, the key word is your foundation, you are not good, how can the high building? Similarly, you do Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, even did not choose the right, how can the good website optimization. The success and failure of the website optimization, it can be said is the first key words. Even if your site structure is again good, streamlined code cannot streamline optimization scheme of how to write the gorgeous perfect, at last only one result: a waste of time. So the choice of keywords is a top priority for the optimization project. people paddle ship, everyone firewood high flame. We all know, but here the focus is to speak of unity, but how to put them all together is the most critical output. 1, writing: communication ability a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must have enough patience, Shanghai dragon is a boring job, in fact, just contact the industry who has had experience, every day outside the chain, posted on various sites, but in this industry to achieve a high hand that rise above the common herd, also need a little process is to continue learning and research. Xiao Bian today to give you a brief overview of a Shanghai dragon should have what kind of ability and website optimization techniques: : two optimization techniques: Net > 1: First:

Examples the site is in love with gross return altitude January

  Before the The data because no reservation has been unable to find. Until September 6th, our love is still in Shanghai included 0. K to the sea is love not left, we do the following things. Speak before want to introduce a pen by the K site. The site with almost all static page generation, appearance is not good, but because of various reasons, has not yet to be improved. N long site is not in the basic state of renewal, but because of the chain accumulation and Months and years pass by. white hat Shanghai dragon brings the website keywords natural ranking is quite good. Key words basically can industry keywords and web site on the home page ranking not, until August 13. second things, to replace the domain name. Re registration of a domain name to the site org. And the org domain 301 redirect to the com website. However, this effect seems very little, because we all know that the love of Shanghai on the reaction rate of 301 is long, but we can not give up the domain name and take not the way. (Figure 2. shows September 7th love Shanghai Meng website content)   (Figure 1. love Shanghai K station in the end, website is depilated) fell in love with the sea K station from the beginning of June 22nd, has been in the One event succeeds another. status. The author of a web site on the hand after more than a month of storm, finally could not resist K expansion pressure, on August 13th formally by K, directly from the hair fell in love with altitude. fifth things, the chain continued to release. Perhaps the webmaster can question: websites are K, and the hair of the chain will be more considered cheating, will make K more extended indefinitely. Here, the facts tell the webmaster, was outside the chain of sustained growth after K will effectively accelerate the pace of the recovery on the website, as everyone knows the chain = vote, just outside the chain of distribution needs relevant and sustained two principles. Three days fishing nets two days of drying are certainly not feasible. < > site was K, the first thing I do is to increase the update module on the website. Love Shanghai algorithm for web content updates, given considerable weight, this is the site most lacking, ensure timely update is to attract the spider climb take capital. Add module after it every day to update the 1-2 article, not to say each one is 100% original, at least after deep processing, make only superficial changes. fourth things, love Shanghai complaints. Love is one of the common tools webmaster complaints Shanghai. With this complaint, the author shared over three times, but three times in Shanghai did not give me any love echo, so I still don’t understand love just to deal with the problem whether Shanghai simply does not make noise, or complain too much, do not bother.

A how can we let on regular and timely update snapshot

method is only suitable for the home page is dynamic website, if it is a static website simply can not achieve the random effect, you can not always generate home in the background, so the second method is the exchange of several Links, each other’s love of Shanghai is of course the more new snapshot better, exchange Links everyone be able to do the key is the selection process. this problem is seen from the Shanghai dragon WHY forum, but I look very much the concern of the people, it is enough to prove that we are very tangled on this issue really ah. In fact, I long ago had sent a website "why long are not updated snapshot", this article mainly introduces my little knowledge on the snapshot and the importance of how to read, friends should know that I see on the snapshot is not too heavy, as long as according to the law of update is enough, of course, if updated every day, this is the ideal state. 2, 1, in the home to add a random recommendation module, so every time the spider to catch the contents can return different information, of course, the best can display the titles and contents. Because the snapshot is a reaction site updates, so as far as possible, let the spider know you are always in the update site, let him respond as quickly as possible. said that although a snapshot of the site is not representative of what, but why are there so many people entangled in snapshot of this issue, there are two reasons, first because of love out of Shanghai snapshot can see, not a related index for Adsense reference, their Webmaster Platform has been closed, not know what time can measure a result; second, indeed opposite against the snapshot of the quality of a web site, after all the NB station every day snapshot, although the converse is not necessarily correct, but at least the new snapshot is not a bad thing. 3, if the above 2 methods are not suitable for you, then you will insist on starting from content, add an article every day, of course, in the absence of quality assurance is the more the better, I have a pseudo original tips here (best original), copy a website related articles then, go to the QQ space to copy the two paragraph, remember to find the previous paragraph length and the paragraphs almost, then the two paragraph is added in the end or are added to the end, this will not affect the reading, and achieve the pseudo original effect. If you consider the more thoughtful, can use CSS to control the 2 paragraph hidden, this is completely. see the problem today, I also look at their website, found that the current love Shanghai snapshot stagnation phenomenon is very common, and the stagnant degree are not the same, seems to have little difference before. For example, last updated in April 1st, so most of …

Based on the process of my blog

finally I wish to put into practice. Do blog two things less, domain name and space. blog, started to write something, waiting for the love Shanghai Collection > I’ve always wanted to own a website, this wish in my contact with the network, especially with the blog after have such a desire, at that time always feel, with those big web blog template is really rich, but no matter how you get to get to the final, or someone. Freely give people free to work, there is, as the blog, traffic sources are opaque, they can not put statistical code, where exactly is the visitor, I did not know, just know that every day the data increased a little at a time. Look at the Let us talk about the domain name Fix the once the blog in Sina, Sohu, fell in love with the sea had tried, but because of various restrictions, forced one chose to give up. This time, have a web site, a blog idea is so strong. There are many webmaster friends, so they said station is both simple and complex. See your patience and pay. space. The choice of space is really let me very depressed. Is not willing to spend money, find a free thought on the line. There are many online. But the only regret ah. I have no personal writing, backup habits. Free space with a sudden open. There is a problem space providers. All the information is deleted. What is lost. Ah. Now he has a heart. Remember to backup data. You can restore. And record problems have plagued me. Free space certainly will not give the record, this space also don’t know what time is also a harmonious network. The space surface for the record, but the speed is really not people compliment. Think of your web page has been opened up. Love is not a spider in Shanghai. Is love Shanghai on his blog included. . The individual has not registered.Cn domain. It is said that the fast recovery individualregistered, but what can make nothing of it. So I choose贵族宝贝 domain name. The.Org domain can also choose the domain name is good for collection. The choice of.Net is not recommended. Of course, if you have a personal preference, you can also choose other domain name. As long as you feel good on the line. My domain name is your name spelling. Do you blog. I still love my name. We are now familiar with the domain name weibo贵族宝贝. This was a domain name. Registered in his name is also good oh. Just kidding。 election to election, or a choice of domestic space. A network of friends on the recommended days of each data virtual machine to me. I think the price is very cheap, more than 200. And give you a free filing. Good speed. The obsession to solve the problem. And the service attitude is very good.

BuzzFeed founder the success of social mediaThree business failure, to give up

· how he should > BuzzFeed’s office, the company now employs 175 people. talked about the following: Peretti’s office by the glass Wai built, however, the transparent block will not he and news editors are open in the studio. They are staring at the screen, interacting with millions of readers who read their articles, via computer screens. a veteran entrepreneurs dream to throw the helve after the hatchet and even families. However, the reception of him was a continuous failure, and now he has nothing at all at the age of 32. Everyone is eager for success. When setbacks, most entrepreneurs have clung to the belief, try your best to try to reverse the crisis. However, the impermanence of things, and sometimes even if entrepreneurs have toughness, and then can endure hardship, and then can persist, it is difficult to save the failure of the outcome. Especially after several unsuccessful start-ups, the entrepreneur’s capital, energy and confidence will suffer a great blow. In this life and career crossroads, how should entrepreneurs choose met with the 38 year old CEO with curly hair after the company was off duty. That day, his web site published an article about the world’s most lovable puppy, and a 28 minute video about Secretary of state Hilary · Hillary Clinton. Such diverse content themes quickly became popular on the internet. In his 45 minute discussion with Peretti, then at the end of 2006, by a friend, I work with people invested 1 million 300 thousand yuan two do business friends and a technical staff cast a total of 150 thousand yuan, the other is my vote opened a company, entered the TFT-LCM thin film transistor liquid crystal display module industry. After May 30, 2008, due to the lack of core resources, the decline in the way the market situation, the drawbacks of this model have been exposed. To the end of 2008, the company funds only 400 thousand yuan, my own investment of 500 thousand yuan stock is only 120 thousand yuan. Chen Yiming   · how BuzzFeed grew up from a robot and realized that manual editing was indispensable to 2009, in order to get out of the predicament, I decided to transition. So, I chose to do mobile phone program R & D, because there was a mobile phone program there are 1 U.S. dollars of profits. As a result, the cost was too high, the shipment was small and the capital was cut off. A year later, the company closed down. Peretti, who is the king of the Internet for viral content, has been fascinated by the Internet, ? introduction . Although his website encourages readers to laugh at stories on the web, he is not joking when it comes to the company’s history, the future of the media, and the world’s attention to his funny web site. American news aggregation site BuzzFeed founder Jonathan Peretti · Jonah Peretti recently accepted the technology blog Business Insider editor Allison · Scholte Alyson Shontell …

sh419 is careful to ruin the future by Trojan click deviceMobile apps $10 thousand for $1 million re

is located in Finland’s Remedy Entertainment once with a "true colour of a hero MaxPayne" fame, action game design skill of its strong technical strength and familiarity of the received industry recognition. "True colour of a hero" is the biggest characteristic of the "matrix" of the concept of time trajectory, and its application to perfect game action, its cool caused no small sensation at the time. Later introduced "2" also acclaimed true colour of a hero. But "3" is making the true colour of a hero is expected in May 2012 listed by Rockstar. And Remedy has other main directions…… Trojan click shows that click fraud is rampant. Like rogue software, click fraud on Internet advertising has become an industry chain. "Trojan click device" the transmission of virus, it is the huge profit behind it. In the industry chain, put pay to click on ads advertisers is to pay for the victims, many false hits; virus makers can benefit from every click, and lucrative, can not to rush into danger, illegal production of the Trojan virus to develop click fraud. little piece: The advent of the The prevalence of ten years ago, Remedy Entertainment brought a third person shooter, Marx Payne, to the market. In the global total sales of more than 7 million copies, and also spawned a starring Mark Wahlberg Dashuai pan film of the same name. click fraud prevailed, resulting in damage to the interests of the majority of advertisers, already Voices of discontent. China’s largest PPC advertising campaign, sh419, including group events and judicial action, has been around for click fraud in recent years. However, sh419 still ignored this and repeatedly claimed that it was not too much to take effective measures to prevent click fraud, and click fraud didn’t decrease. This is related to sh419 in the "click fraud" event is also benefit stakeholders, although click fraud has been a certain amount of money, but these are from advertisers paid to sh419’s advertising fees out. click fraud has been plaguing the development of search engines, and now shows a growing trend. Last month, the end of the month, rising is warned recently more than a year, rising global anti virus monitoring network intercepted Clicker clicker virus is increasing with the geometric progression, involving all the major pay per click advertising. At the same time, the Clicker virus is simply the easiest way to make a profit by clicking fraud. The prevalence of click fraud has led to the protection of the interests of Internet advertisers. Countless advertising fees have flowed into other people’s pockets, but have not received the desired results. ‘s first move: Death Rally, the game’s debut in March 2011, priced at $4.99. After the game on the line, Remedy’s public relations department immediately launched the promotion work. First of all, Death Rally took part in the FreeAppADay limited free event, costing $5000, and the campaign cost about $5000. Remedy’s CEO Matias Myllyrinne points out that mobile games are spreading as fast as …

Do poineering work of 8 years investment dog to white people let VC take you to install B, take you

2: try some new areas < > Some investors to choose and contrary, but there are many Taobao customers do have this problem, the promotion of a product from a Taobao into the passenger circle began, until now still in the promotion of what kind of products, I have to admire his attention, but in fact some more attempts, also can develop some new product categories because, there may be a lot of competition in small markets, now to do will be very easy to do it. Do not hang in a tree, this is the first group in the situation, the first group is the beginning of fire, what to do, and this population is beginning to focus too much, especially a novice, attention is not necessarily a good thing, can find is the most suitable for their own good the. For example, Taobao had just started off, heard of slimming products with high profit, can do, but it is very difficult to find that in fact, the last few days for the doorway, pushed out of the one or two products, finally, how can not break, it is because you are not familiar with the promotion of weight loss products, or not enough the ability to do, you should keep in the basis of the original promotion, try to expand some categories, such as maternal and child products, toys, clothing and other products promotion, Chinese has a characteristic, is where is where together, what products to more people, more willing to promote. In fact, a lot of attention should be more categories, although the Commission is not so huge, but it may be a lot easier, guest friends around me a lot of Taobao is doing something to do you despise disdain, commission rate products, such as maternal and child class, these toy products, promotion is not large and the focus to promote several products, also do not have their own website, through the forum, group – > this article is absolutely true, any similarity is purely fictional you. Only for early white entrepreneurs. as fodder for 1: concentrated flow, consider doing brand station This is the first point Abstract: you can also send investors as cannon fodder. I started financing before the 10 investors see is divided into various grades and ranks. Three in front of the hand, just hand. The middle 5 is overcome, the latter 2 are committed and bidding. a lot of people in the Taobao professional development, to a certain extent suddenly feel lost, the current situation, can earn money, but it is difficult to break through their own, do not know how to seek more breakthroughs in space on the existing basis, I will continue to write this article today slobber a discussion of this difficult, this thorny problem. started the company, I was an investment manager. Stayed in Singapore in the mainstream VC, Hunguo day Hienergy, followed Chen Yizhou did not to the point of investment, investment is done there is …

Towel brother accused NetEase of strict infringement, G20 for the same paragraph or unfair competiti

how big is the heart, and how big is the target?. The author thinks that the positioning and planning is the key to Wangzhuan, do not blindly easily action, do not go as far as possible the wrong way, inspection, analysis, research; look, optimistic, determined, firmly confident, sure of your interest, then go into action, insist again. A little brother of the author, the more than 20 year old young man, his Wangzhuan experience was worth drawing, here I will take him as an example to analyze, the hope can give you some inspiration. His current income situation is several thousand dollars / day, he confided that his goal is in the next three months to break through 10 thousand yuan / day income, will be bragging, everyone can come under analysis. 2, content and many: 10 thousand sets of video training lectures, 1500GB massive hard disk storage, integration of the current hot and influential view ODM, literally translated as "original design manufacturer", refers to a manufacturer to design a product, and in some cases may be some other enterprises fancy, to production requirements with the latter brand name, or a slightly modified design to produce a. Manufacturers who undertake design and manufacturing operations are called ODM manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products. but in fact, the ODM model still has some problems at home. According to an industry close to the manufacturer, there is a shortage of manufacturers with real design capabilities in the country. Can make design plan to brand OEM ODM vendors is very little. Basically, the brand side will design solutions to manufacturers, manufacturers only OEM production. ‘s main selling point: , while NetEase’s strict selection will be repeatedly involved in the "cottage" problem vortex, the problem comes down to the strict selection of NetEase ODM model. the evening of May 23rd, a self proclaimed "towel brother" 80 entrepreneurs, the life of towel founder Zhu Zhijun, published an article entitled "to Ding Lei: please give entrepreneurs a way out" the article, the article accused NetEase strictly selected by sales of "Awati cotton towel" violates the rights of life towel. Wangzhuan, have to have their own things to have to sell, sales channels, to the overall planning and methods; to find a selling point, to learn, to learn sales; then, to find products, build websites, do promotion, SEO optimization, write text, use mass software, pay a network advertising, have become friends and engage in Wangzhuan busy awfully. Any link, any work should be done in place, professional, there is a not simple process, too many methods, too many skills, too many experiences need to master. 1, everyone needs to learn to learn, learn: successful management, sales, communication, learning, learning etiquette, business negotiations, school finance, school, learn to learn eloquence, learning motivation, learning marketing, family education and so on, and the video teaching method is the most effective, not to mention is the integration of the whole the most famous Chinese top expert video lectures. …